Tumor Multi-Omics Analysis Service

Tumor Multi-Omics

The occurrence and development of malignant tumors is a complicated process. Genomic mutations, epigenetic modification changes, and abnormal gene expression levels may all be important factors that cause tumorigenesis. Generally, in the investigation of tumor mechanism and screening of pathogenic targets, the factors of genomic variation are given priority. However, it is difficult to meet the needs of scientific research with single omics, and multi-omics combined research methods have become mainstream, whether in the study of pathogenic mechanisms, screening of tumor markers and pathogenic targets, and early diagnosis and treatment. Important role. Creative Proteomics company provides the most complete and high-quality tumor multiomics services, including corresponding tumor proteomics / metabonomics / transcriptomics, tumor transcriptomics and lipidomics analysis, tumor proteomics and lipidomics Analysis and tumor transcriptome topics, professional oncology research, help you personalize your tumor research.

Tumor Multi-Omics

Tumor Multi-Omics

Tumor Multi-Omics

Cell-Based Solutions for Tumor Research

Our Advantage

Mature and reliable experimental analysis platform of Screening of Tumor Multi-Omics: rich project experience, participation in major projects, high-level cooperation results published.

Based on high-quality data analysis, pre-research and verification of the contents and methods of analysis, it is indeed mature and feasible.

Cell-Based Solutions for Tumor Research

Creative Proteomics leads a rich team that uses the most rigorous experimental solutions and internationally recognized Screening of Tumor Multi-Omics to obtain your customized information. Use the most accurate experimental results to help you better carry out tumor-related scientific research.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you achieve the next research breakthrough.

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* For Research Use Only. Not for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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