Tumor Proteomics and Lipidomics Analysis

The integration of multiple sets of data can study and explain the mechanism of tumorigenesis and development from different perspectives. This multi-group research method has gradually become an inevitable trend in cancer research. The integrated analysis of tumor proteomics and lipidomics refers to the normalization and statistical analysis of the data of the two to establish the relationship between different levels of molecular data; at the same time, it combines functional analysis, enrichment of metabolic transmission, molecular interaction, etc. Biological function analysis, systematically and comprehensively analyze the function and decomposition mechanism of biomolecules, and finally achieve a comprehensive understanding of the trends and directions of biological changes, select key metabolic pathways or genes, and metabolites for subsequent in-depth experimental analysis and application.

Tumor Proteomics and lipidomics analysisFigure 1. Flow chart of correlation analysis between proteomics and lipidomics

Tumor Proteomics and lipidomics analysis

Our advantage

Tumor Proteomics and lipidomics analysis

By analyzing the expression levels at different levels, we have realized the full spectrum analysis of tumor genes and lipids, and the mutual verification effect is more obvious.

The mechanism of molecular regulation and phenotype is elaborated, and the functions and regulatory mechanisms of tumor biomolecules are comprehensively analyzed.

From the huge amount of data, remove false and save the truth, screen out the key tumor metabolic pathways or genes and metabolites for subsequent in-depth experimental analysis and application.

Tumor Proteomics and lipidomics analysis

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Deliverables: raw sequencing data, pruning and stitching sequences, quality control report results, statistics and bioinformatics reports you specify, visual pictures.

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